DMIN'07 The 2007 International
Conference on Data Mining










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Conference Chair:
Robert Stahlbock


Conference & Programme
Sven F. Crone
Stefan Lessmann







Conference Registration

Final Registration Fees

1. Non-Student: USD 545 Registration fee
2. Full
Time Student: USD 395 Registration fee

Registration for DMIN'07 is also valid for attendance of all sessions of all 25 conferences of WORLDCOMP! Registrations are processed through the WORLDCOMP website. Please take note the official terms and conditions on the WORLDCOMP website, of which the following are just a subset:

  • Authors with more than one paper at all conference of WORLDCOMP must pay an "Additional Publication Charge" of USD 285 for each additional paper.
  • In the case of papers with multiple authors, only one author would need to register and pay the conference registration fee as indicated above. Other co-authors of the same paper should register separately and pay the applicable registration fee, if and only if they plan to attend the conference

The registration fee will cover the followings: The volume of the conference proceedings in which your paper is published in (other volumes of the conference proceedings can be purchased at the conference at minimal cost); Conference Program Booklet; a CD containing the proceedings of all joint conferences (planned); one formal Conference Dinner; four light breakfasts (coffee/tea, muffin, etc.); refreshment breaks throughout the days of the conferences (12 of them); access to all planned sessions of all conferences/tracks; access to all tutorials; miscellaneous conference material; ..."

Registration Procedure and Final Submission

The camera-ready papers must be submitted twice:

1. Upload to WORLDCOMP
ADDITIONAL submission via email to

To register for DMIN'07 please visit the registration website of the WORLDCOMP Multiconference, of which DMIN'07 is a part of. You find it at

In  registering and uploading your camera-ready paper, please use the assigned paper number from your acceptance email "DMI54xx" or "DMI55xx", respectively, not the shorter number used in previous correspondence.

For example:

  • paper number "#3" --> use number "DMI5403" for your WORLDOMP submission (not DMI3 nor DMI03 nor DMI543 nor DMI553)
  • paper number "#11" --> use number "DMI5411" for your WORLDOMP submission
  • paper number "#5414" --> use number "DMI5414" for your WORLDOMP submission

Also, please submit your paper within the correct paper category! Although DMIN paper categories may differentiate between Application and Research papers for creation of coherent sessions, WORLDCOMP submission does not differentiate this. Simply submit your paper as indicated in the notification of acceptance. We will later allocate you to research or practitioner sessions!

Please note that all accepted papers are re-reviewed with regard to the reviewers’ comments on your first submission and to verify compliance with DMIN'07 typing/formatting instructions. Therefore, it is mandatory to send your camera-ready paper (pdf) to as well.
Do NOT upload your paper to the DMIN’07 conference management system used for submission of your draft paper for the first review process.

Hotel Reservation

To make hotel reservations for DMIN'07 please visit the registration website of the WORLDCOMP Multiconference, of which DMIN'07 is a part of. You find it at

From personal experience, these special rates are amongst the lowest in Las Vegas. Room in Las Vegas never decrease but increase with time - so make your reservations as early as possible. Also consider, that we are planning a variety of events to/from the conference venue, which may justify staying at the Monte Carlo Resort. Cheaper off-strip accommodation may be a substantial distance away, with very limited public transport and serious taxi fares!

For enquiries into shared rooms with other researchers attending the conference please contact the conference organisers. We are currently considering such a scheme to provide further support.


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