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Conference Chair:
Robert Stahlbock


Conference & Programme
Sven F. Crone
Stefan Lessmann







Call for Papers
Annals of Information Systems (AoIS, Springer)

Special Issue on Data Mining

Guest Editors: Robert Stahlbock, Sven F. Crone, Stefan Lessmann

Data mining has experienced an explosion of interest over the last two decades, and has been established as a sound paradigm to derive knowledge from large, heterogeneous streams of data, often using computationally intensive methods. It continues to attract researchers from multiple disciplines, including computer sciences, statistics, operations research, information systems and management science. Successful applications include domains as diverse as corporate planning, medical decision making, bioinformatics, web-usage mining, text- and image recognition, direct marketing and credit scoring. Research in information systems equally reflects this inter- and multidisciplinary approach. Information systems research exceeds the software and hardware systems that support data-intensive applications, analysing the systems of individuals, data and all manual or automated activities that process the data and information in a given organization, Therefore the journal ‘Annals of Information Systems’ will devote a special issue to topics at the intersection of information systems and data mining.

The special issue strives to explore the synergies between information systems and data mining. We welcome all submissions related to both information systems and data mining aspects. Contributions that elaborate the targeted applications and their significance rather than focusing solely on algorithmic aspects, are particularly encouraged. The special issue also serves as a special publication of the 2007 International Conference on Data Mining, DMIN’07 ( All conference attendees are encouraged to submit revised and extended versions of their manuscripts. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Predictive data mining

  • Managerial decision support

  • Data mining applications in marketing, operations management, finance, logistics and supply chain management

  • Data warehousing and business intelligence

  • Document classification and web-usage mining

  • Association rule mining and market basket analysis

  • Security, privacy and social impact of data mining

  • Data mining in empirical software engineering

  • Supporting/automating KDD tasks (pre- and postprocessing, visualization, etc.)

  • Medical data mining and bioinformatics

Review Process

Each manuscript has to comply with the journal’s typing instructions and will be peer-reviewed according to the usual standards of an esteemed international journal. Providing papers fit into the theme of the special issue, the quality and originality of the contribution will serve as major acceptance criteria for each submission. To enable a timely publication of the special issue, papers which are unequivocally out of scope will be rejected without detailed review.

Important Dates

  • Deadline for manuscripts: 31st of January 2008
  • Notification of authors: 31st of March 2008
  • Revision due: 30th of June 2008

Submission Instructions

Manuscripts should be submitted in pdf format via email to ‘’. Papers should provide a cover page containing paper title, authors – including indication of corresponding author – and a short statement of contribution (max. 100 words). The manuscript must be typewritten in English and 1.5-spaced throughout. Papers should not exceed 6,000 words including abstract and references. Manuscripts previously published at DMIN’07 must provide substantially revised extensions of papers. The paper must have a different title from the conference paper, and the extended paper must also be significantly different from the DMIN’07 submission – sharing no more than 40% content in common.

Information about AoIS

Annals of Information Systems Series
Editors: Ramesh Sharda, Stefan Voß
ISSN: 1934-3221

Annals of Information Systems comprises serialized volumes that address a specialized topic or a theme. AoIS publishes peer reviewed works in the analytical, technical as well as the organizational side of information systems. The Annals focus on high quality scholarly publications. The numbered volumes are guest-edited by experts in a specific domain. Some volumes may be based upon refereed papers from selected conferences. AoIS volumes are available as individual books as well as a serialized collection. Annals of Information Systems is allied with the ‘Integrated Series in Information Systems’ (IS2).


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